How To Get Here
In downtown Jarabacoa take Calle Obdulio Jimenez southwest towards Manabao for about 20 km (12.5 mi).
Winding its way up the mountain sides the road passes through Pinar Quemado, Las Guázaras, Los Calabazos and La Cortina granting remarkable views down into the valley of the Yaque del Norte River.

Once arriving in Manabao drive through the community until the pavement ends shortly after having passed the public school. Do not cross the river but take a right and keep on going straight for 2.5 km (1.5 mi).

After passing through La Angostura you will eventually find a direction sign for Spirit Mountain on your left close to a suspension bridge. Traverse the river and you will arrive at the farm entrance after another 700 m. We advise to park your vehicle by the crossing if it is not a 4x4.
Airport Shuttle in Mini Van (6-7 people)
Costs: Santo Domingo 6,000 RD$  or 146.00 US$
  Santiago 4,500 RD$  or 110.00 US$
  Puerto Plata 5,500 RD$  or 134.00 US$