About Estancia Natura
Estancia Natura is an Ecological Reserve and Organic Coffee Plantation nestled high in the foothills of the Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic. Sprawling over 350 acres with a peak elevation at 4,500 feet, the property is one of the largest of its kind in the Caribbean and a treasured gem of the island of Hispaniola.

Certified by the Rainforest Alliance for its quality in specialty coffee production in harmony with its environment and community, Estancia Natura appeals to coffee fanatics, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike. Visitors can take part in one of the coffee tours and deepen their understanding of coffee from the growing, harvesting, and roasting of the best coffee in the Caribbean. Nature lovers can experience camping at its finest by pitching a tent on the grounds of Camp Discovery, seeing some of the most exotic birds, or taking an afternoon nap on a hammock nuzzled between giant trees.

Located on Spirit Mountain, Estancia Natura also provides thrilling activities for individuals and groups who want an adventurous get-away. Enjoy horseback riding through the mountains or experience the thrill of rappelling, mountain biking or playing a game of paintball.

No matter your preference, Estancia Natura has something for you! We cater to those interested in more than just a vacation. Come learn with us, you will leave changed!